The next BriefingsDirect data strategies insights discussion explores how consistent and global storage models can best propel pervasive analytics and support digital business transformation.

Decades of disparate and uncoordinated storage solutions have hindered enterprises’ ability to gain common data services across today’s hybrid cloud, distributed data centers, and burgeoning edge landscapes.

Yet only a comprehensive data storage model that includes all platforms, data types, and deployment architectures will deliver the rapid insights that businesses need.

Stay with us to examine how IBM Storage is leveraging containers and the latest storage advances to deliver the holy grail of inclusive, comprehensive…

The next BriefingsDirect data strategy insights discussion explores the payoffs when enterprises overcome the hurdles of disjointed storage to obtain global data access.

By leveraging the latest in container and storage server technologies, the holy grail of inclusive, comprehensive, and actionable storage can be obtained. And such access extends across all deployment models — from hybrid cloud, to software-as-a-service (SaaS), to distributed data centers, and edge.

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Stay with us here to examine the role that comprehensive data storage plays in delivering the rapid…

The next edition of the BriefingsDirect Voice of Innovation video podcast series explores new and innovative paths for businesses to attain digital transformation.

Even as a vast majority of companies profess to be seeking digital business transformation, few proven standards or broadly accepted methods stand out as the best paths to take.

And now, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for bold initiatives to make customer engagement and experience optimization an increasingly data-driven and wholly digital affair.

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Stay with…

Cyber attacks are on the rise, harming brands and supply chains while fomenting consumer and employee distrust — as well as leading to costly interruptions and service blackouts.

At the same time, more remote workers and extended-enterprise processes due to the pandemic demand higher levels of security across all kinds of business workflows.

Stay with us now as the next BriefingsDirect discussion explores why comprehensive cloud security solutions need to go beyond on-premises threat detection and remediation to significantly strengthen extended digital business workflows.

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This BriefingsDirect Data Strategies Insights discussion series, Part 2, explores the latest technologies and products delivering common data services across today’s hybrid cloud, distributed data centers, and burgeoning edge landscapes.New advances in storage technologies, standards, and methods have changed the game when it comes to overcoming the obstacles businesses too often face when seeking pervasive analytics across their systems and services.

Stay with us now as we examine how IBM Storage is leveraging containers and the latest storage advances to deliver inclusive, comprehensive, and actionable storage.

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Self-awareness as an individual attribute provides the context to better understand others and to find common ground. But what about self-awareness of entire generations?

Are those born before the mass appeal and distribution of digital technology able to make the leap in their awareness of those who have essentially been Born Digital? Does the awareness gap extend to an even more profound disconnect between how today’s younger generations think and those more likely to be in the leadership positions in businesses?

Do the bosses really get their entry-level cohorts? …

The last few years have certainly highlighted the need for businesses of all kinds to build up their operational resilience. With a rising tide of pandemic waves, high-level cybersecurity incidents, frequent technology failures, and a host of natural disasters — there’s been plenty to protect against.

As businesses become more digital and dependent upon end-to-end ecosystems of connected services, the responsibility for protecting critical business processes has clearly shifted. It’s no longer just a task for IT and security managers but has become top-of-mind for line-of-business owners, too.

Stay with us now as BriefingsDirect explores new ways that those…

While the use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for IT security may not be new, the extent to which data-driven analytics can detect and thwart nefarious activities is still in its infancy.

As we’ve recently discussed here on BriefingsDirect, an expanding universe of interdependent application programming interfaces (APIs) forms a new and complex threat vector that strikes at the heart of digital business.

How will ML and AI form the next best security solution for APIs across their dynamic and often uncharted use in myriad apps and services? Stay with us now as we answer that…

The burgeoning use of application programming interfaces (APIs) across cloud-native computing and digital business ecosystems has accelerated rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enterprises have had to scramble to develop and procure across new digital supply chains and via unproven business-to-business processes. Companies have also extended their business perimeters to include home workers as well as to reach more purely online end-users and customers.

In doing so, they may have given short shrift to protecting against the cybersecurity vulnerabilities inherent in the expanding use of APIs. …

Thinking of IT security as a fortress or a moat around your compute assets has given way to a more realistic and pervasive posture.

Such a cybersecurity perimeter, it turns out, was only an illusion. A far more effective extended-enterprise strategy protects business assets and processes wherever they are — and wherever they might reach.

As businesses align to new approaches such as zero trust and behavior-modeling to secure their data, applications, infrastructure, and networks, there’s a new, rapidly expanding digital domain that needs such pervasive and innovative protection.

The next BriefingsDirect security trends discussion explores how application programming…

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