AWS and Unisys join forces to accelerate and secure the burgeoning move to cloud


Public cloud on everyone’s horizon


Stay safe with best-practices

Solutions architects can help the customer review all of their best practices and do a deep-dive examination with their teams to raise any flags that people might not be aware of and help find solutions.

As DevOps goes mainstream, and as cloud-centric applications are becoming mainstream, there is a need to inject security into the DevOps cycle. Having DevSecOps is key.

Smart support on the cloud journey

With the shared responsibility model, that’s on the customer, and CloudForte has really good risk management and a portfolio of apps and services to help people get ahold of that responsibility themselves.

Stealth solutions for hybrid security

Our cloud-trained people and expertise speeds up the migrations, gives visibility, and provides operational improvements. Thereby we are able to do cloud right and in a secure fashion by establishing security practices, trust through security and compliance, and AIOps.

Student success supported

The future is integrated

Security and compliance issues are not going away, unfortunately. Cloud breaches are out there. And so there is a need to actively manage and be proactive about managing your security and compliance posture. Customers are going to work with AWS and Unisys to fortify both their defense and offense proactively.

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Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner


Gardner is a creative thought leader on enterprise software, cloud, mobile, big data and social strategies. He is a prolific blogger and podcaster.